Mobility Scooter Common Questions

Common questions about mobility scooters

If you have limited mobility and feel that a mobility scooter could enable you to retain your independence, then we can help you.

You’ll probably have a few questions that need answering, so below we explore some common frequently asked questions about mobility scooters.

Do I need to pass a test?

There is no driving test for mobility scooters. In fact, anyone can drive one. However, if you’re not a driver then ideally you should learn how to handle and drive the scooter from the dealer.

Do mobility scooters need to be registered with the DVLA?

All class 3 mobility scooters do need to be registered, but you won’t need to pay any road tax. Your mobility scooter dealer will sort out the registration for you. They need to be registered because they access both the pavement and road.

Can my mobility scooter go on roads?

If your mobility scooter is equipped with indicators and lights, then it is allowed on the road. It should not exceed a speed limit of 8 miles per hour.

Can my mobility scooter go on a dual carriageway?

It is best to avoid going on a dual carriageway due to safety risks. If you do go on one, then you will need to use the orange flashing light. Under no circumstances are you allowed on a motorway, bus lane or cycle lane.

What is the speed limit?

No more than 8mph on the road, and when driving on the pavement the speed needs to be set at 4mph.

For further information about how mobility scooter hire can help you, and to discuss your options, then please do get in touch with us here at Weston Mobility today.