StairLift Installation


If you’re thinking about installing a stairlift there are a number of things to consider before calling in the engineers. In this guide, we are going to look at the things you need to think about before installing a lift and how long the installation will take.

Considerations before installation

Obstruction of the stairs – Companion stairlifts take up a lot of space so if you have a tight or unusual shaped staircase you may want to consider installing a hinged rail which can be folded out of the way when not in use.

Source of electricity points – The stairlift will need to be located close to an electrical outlet. If a mains outlet is not located nearby you will need to arrange for an outlet to be installed by a trained electrician.

The location of windows – Windows can cause a problem if the sills protrude out into the stairwell. If the sills cause an obstruction to the track they will need to be altered during the installation process.

Adjustments to handrails – If your staircase has handrails on both sides, the rail will need to be removed on the side where the track is to be fitted. If your staircase only has one handrail located on the side where the track is fitted, new handrails will need to be installed on the opposite side.

Replacement carpets – If you need new carpets it’s a good idea to have them fitted before the stairlift is installed.

How long will installation take?

The time taken to install a stairlift will depend on the complexity of the site and the length of the track. Most stairlifts are preassembled in the factory so only the track needs to be installed on site.

As a rough guide, a simple stairlift can be installed in as little as 1-2 hours. While a more complex installation which involves negotiating curves and landings will take much longer, but most stairlift installations can be completed within a day.

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