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We work in partnership with Acorn & Companion stairlifts to bring you the best quality and service possible.

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Being the largest suppliers of stair lifts in the UK. Having manufactured stair lifts for a number of years they pride themselves as experts in the field. We have put together a promise to you; that is to offer and supply stair lifts that only have the most recent British standards, have been fully tried and tested and of course have been tailor made just for you. Their professional, friendly team are on hand 24 hours a day 365 days a year to assist any need that you my have or question regarding any mobility product.

We can offer nationwide coverage. Their dedicated service and installation teams are technically trained to install any stair lifts within a matter of hours and always ensure that the product is suitable or you. .

A stairlift can transform your life, with thousands of satisfied customers the independence and freedom that you regain is simply priceless.

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Straight Stairlift from Acorn

Our Acorn 130 Stairlift


The ideal solution for a straight staircase. The ultimate staircase solution giving you the full use of the home you love.

Blending seamlessly into your home, with a smooth start and stop mechanism, you can glide effortlessly up and down the stairs.

All of Acorn’s current stairlifts have been independently tested and certified to comply with the newest European safety standard for stairlifts, BS EN 81-40:2008, as well as the worldwide standard for stairlifts, ISO 9836-2:2000.

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Curved Stairlift from Acorn

Our Acorn 180 Stairlift

Acorn 180 StairliftWelcome to one of the most innovative stairlifts in the world. Designed from the ground-up for any curved staircase, offering a comfortable and reliable ride. The advanced self-levelling carriage moves along the modular rail system coming to a soft stop with ease.

With its low running costs, it even operates through a power cut. The sleek, smooth and modern rail system is unique to this stairlift. There is no waiting weeks to have an expensive rail made for your home, utilising the FastTrack® system, it can be installed in a matter of days with no mess and no fuss.

All of Acorn’s current stairlifts have been independently tested and certified to comply with the newest European safety standard for stairlifts, BS EN 81-40:2008, as well as the worldwide standard for stairlifts, ISO 9836-2:2000.

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New Stairlifts from Companion

Straight Stairlifts from Companion

Straight StairliftsOur straight stairlifts are specially designed for straight staircases. So, if your stairs do not need to go round a bend or across a landing, then you need one of our straight stairlifts. Installing a stairlift is incredibly easy, each lift is tailor-made to fit your staircase in our factory, so on arrival at your home, it simply slots into place. We have an extensive range of stylish straight stairlifts for indoors and outdoors to fit your home and your life.

Companion Stairlifts offers lifts for a range of budgets, but all with the same exceptional quality. Our promise is to offer stairlifts that only have the most recent British standards, are fully tried and tested and have been tailor-made just for you. If you are considering adding a straight stairlift to your home, our friendly team are on hand to answer any questions you may have. From reliability and safety to style and ease of use, there are so many reasons why our straight stairlifts are the perfect addition to your home. For a safe and reliable stairlift that is easily installed and designed with simplicity in mind, browse our collection.

If your staircase has a corner or bend, you need a curved stairlift.

Feel free to contact us to find out how we can tailor your requirements to your budget

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Curved Stairlifts from Companion

Curved StairliftsCurved stairlifts have tracks that are specifically designed to suit staircases that bend or turn corners. So if you are lucky enough to have a curved staircase or even a spiral staircase, a Companion Curved stairlift will be the perfect fit. All our curved tracks are made to order following a survey of each individual staircase. We plot a replica of your own stairs upon which to model your stairlift to create an exact fit, so when it arrives in your home we can slot it straight into place.

Traditionally, curved stairlifts have been expensive, but with our technical and engineering expertise, a Companion Curved stairlift becomes a viable and stylish option.

Our passion for producing the best mobility solutions enables us to offer one of the tightest internal curves available on the market. In many cases, the Companion internal curve allows a stairlift to be installed in locations that no other manufacturer can accommodate. We have a range of 2 stylish curved stairlifts to fit your home and your life.

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